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Closed Game Master Aplications
Hello UGunz Community,

The time has come once again! Our staff team is looking around for New Game Masters.
We have decided to make a GM Application thread in order to hire new staff members. In order to get your application read by us, you must reply on this thread following this format:
Country/Languages you speak:
Why I'd like to be GM:
How I wish to help:
Why do I deserve a chance:
Who would vote for you & why:

  • Availability by the morning and afternoon according to You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view..
  • Speak at least two languages.
  • Must Speak English.
The Staff Team is in need of Active people to support our community in game and on forums. The minimum availability time required is 5 hours a day. We will not hire anyone who cannot be really active everyday, this is a point you must to bear in mind if you're willing to join us.

The GM grade responsibilities are: Reports, Support and Events.
By supporting you must understand that you will agree with giving a hand to our community in game as well as on forums by our Terms & Conditions.
Failure to abide accordingly will result in immediate demotion of your Rank.
Good luck to those Applying.

Side note: When applying please do not be discreet. Show us why you deserve to be a part of the Staff Team & how you are willing to contribute.

Staff Team
[Image: yYs9Ni7.png]
Name: Edinsson Silva Novoa
Country / Languages ​​you speak: Peru (Spanish 100%, English 60%, Portugues 45%)
Why I'd like to be GM: I have been playing Universegamers Gunz for 10 years, I have enough experience to be able to develop different new events, I have a high game mode and as a Systems Engineer I am educated enough to be able to help the users.
How I wish to help: I ​​can help with the good styles that I have to play, also with the knowledge of all the gunz maps that I have, I develop in java, and I am very patient to be able to dissolve inconveniences of the users, as well as story with time to be able to follow up on some clan that is performing some trap.
Why do I deserve a chance: I have years of experience and the necessary knowledge to be able to carry out the necessary actions.

Who would vote for you & why: I think that the people who are close to the game know my style of play and my fair way of being with the clans that I have taken to rank in different opportunities.
Thanks given by: Castiel , Cup
Name: Lars

Country/Languages you speak: Dutch, English and German

Why I'd like to be GM: Because like you have seen with the past team you just added a bunch of people who aren't know nor active on all aspects of the game, most of them where just friend of each other. 90% of the people who will try to aplicate to become GM are "unknown" and only here to get a cool rank and free items. Its not the same with me, if sticked arround for this game multipale years even before @Pls was staff, if sticked arround when Vitirx backstabbed our current owner and if seen the new and "improved" rise from his ashes if been here since week 1 and never really left (even tough i tried multipale times this game is the game if been playing since i was 10. I'm active on forums and active in-game if i have a purpose to play.

How I wish to help: By doing reports the correct way, bring in a new aspect making real changens instead of temperory changes inprove on the parts what really need improvement. Making events fun and worthy again instead of doing the old boring events over and over again. By catching and handle hackers/abusers a soon as they get reported so the game will be fair to play for everyone.

Why do I deserve a chan
ce: Since there are only GM's from north and south america if feel there isn't enough korean/european support those people feel left out since in there timezone no GM is online they can spam the /report option in-game but nothing will happen, when they think someone is hacking and make a report on the forums they wont be warned/banned because the best proof you can get from a hacker is to watch them play at live time and not with a recording since the recording system fails and buggs out alot.

Who would vote for you & why: Over the years if made my friends and if made my enemies, iknow what to do as staff and i how to handle certain things. But this question is irrelevant since its not about the friend who would vote for you and tell @Michou why they should hire that person, but its about how you guys feel when you read an aplication.
 [Image: FE5EAD780C8402D62F62F995A1CADBBC008A2F55]
Thanks given by: 1stJoshiru , Prangsta , Cup , Ouro , Eun , SuicideRD , noobvice , lAndyl , Reward
Name : Erick Luis Macalupu Yovera

Country / Languages ​​you speak : Spanish - English (Basic)

Why I would like to be a GM : I would like to be GM to be able to be dependent on the entire community of the gunz universe both in the game and in the forum ...

How I want to help : help in everything I have inside and outside the game.

Why do I deserve an opportunity? : I would like to have much more experience than I already have and I will be able to achieve belonging to this great community

Who would vote for you and why? : my friend creetor who already belongs to this community and friends in the game, because I can give a good job and availability to be hanging in the game mode.

5 hours + Online *-*
Thanks given by: Allan , -Adeliangeles. , LonelyAimbot

Country/Languages you speak:
I live in The Netherlands. I can speak four different languages; English, Deutsch, Dutch, Arabic.

Why I'd like to be GM:
 I am sure that I have the necessary skills required for the GM and I know everyone has the skills but apart from those skills I have a positive attitude and I am honest as far as I know and I always liked to meet new acquaintances. I can't say I am the best.

How I wish to help:
I don’t have any GM experience. But these for sure; help people with issues on the forum, Events and SUPPORT tickets, keep the UGG server active and fair.  

Why do I deserve a chance:
Ten years of being UGG (EG) member on aaaandd… I’m active people in-game and on the forum. I know the rules.. Being part of the staff team also gives me much more motivation to help create the best possible community, enjoyin’ and some fun!  

Who would vote for you & why:
 Everybody has his or her own opinion. I can't say the names. Maybe they don't like me.  But I know that I have a lot of friends in-game. 

Thank you for your time in reading my application

[Image: rogzBB9.gif]
Thanks given by: Allan , Tom , Castiel , Cup , Lasb , Goshawk , BluoN , hera15 , Nari , Hatsune
Name:Raúl Ernesto Arias Mejia

Country/Languages you speak: Dominican Republic / English and Spanish.

Why I'd like to be GM: I'd like to be GM beacuse. I like to help the UGG community. I would like to be a GM because I know I can help people. I have always helped people. I have been good staff because I have been here

How I wish to help: I do not have much experience as a GM, but I know it could help a lot. I wish I could help in any way I can because that's what you're doing and I know you could help me

Why do I deserve a chance: i have one chance beacuse, I know I could help several people, more people. And if they gave me a chance I know I will do my job very well

Who would vote for you & why: @Creetor and @Uxie. They vote for me, because when I was in the Staff we helped each other and that is what it is about. Help yourself as a team
Thanks given by: Allan , Goshawk , SuicideRD , BluoN
Name: Hector del Carpio
Country/Languages you speak: Perú / English, Portuguese and Spanish.
Why I'd like to be GM: I think I can be a great help for the community because I started playing from the iGunz, I know a lot about this game and all this experience that I have a player would help me solve the problems of new users and those that are old too, I'm a person that I like to help selflessly, and now that this opportunity has been presented, it would help me to have a more direct contact with the players for helping and support.
How I wish to help:  I will make an events more fun, and if possible try to create new events where people have fun much, I will report objectively and punishhackers or cheating players to make UGG a game much more fun and fair .
Why do I deserve a chance: I am more active at dawn 00:00 - 6:00 AM (GMT-2), where I will be able to detect cheating players and be able to hold events at that time, since there are no staff at that time and no automatic events.
Who would vote for you & why: I consider that all the people that want UGG to renew themselves, that they have the opportunity to enter events regardless of the time and that they feel they are part of the community, also new players who don't understand the game can request help at anytime.
Thanks given by: Tom , Dopesupra420 , Allan , MySharona , Goshawk , hera15 , Field , Michou , lAndyl , EUB , BluoN

Country/Languages you speak:
English, Spanish, Portuguese and now Italian.

Why I'd like to be GM:
I would love become as GameMaster again. It will be a "boom" because I'm just back from six months of hard work in Perú. 
Right now I have full time to help in the Staff Team, Also I know how everything works in the game, you might know that hehe.

How I wish to help:
I could help with putting effort, time and dedication in the game.

Why do I deserve a chance:
Everyones deverse a chance!
Since I started in UGG, I always was a good person, a respect player and humble in the game. Always helping people when I could.

Who would vote for you & why: 
All my friends, if they still around UGG hehe!

Talent hits a target no one can hit, Genius hits a target no one can see ~
꼭두각시 ~

[Image: 1RHfCOI.gif]
Thanks given by: Tuga , Allan , YatenN , Prangsta , Goshawk , Michou , lAndyl , BluoN , Reward
Country/Languages you speak : Korean / English / japanese a little
Why I'd like to be GM:Koreans are restricted from accessing the server.
few players must use vpn,there are people who can't play UGG without knowing it.
so i go make korean guide to accessing the UGG And because I am Korean, I can be connected at the opposite time.
can do events for opposite time players

How I wish to help:I will do event to get the newbies interested.
Why do I deserve a chance:Some newbies came but there was no game room.
I am Korean and their time zone is the same.
Who would vote for you & why: 
Will people who know me vote for me?
Big Grin
[Image: OfiuJ6F.gif]
[Image: qfFEViZ.png]

Name: Tomer.

Country/Languages you speak: Israel, I speak two languages: Hebrew and English.

Why I'd like to be GM: I would like to be a Game Master because first, I would like to contribute the server by: helping with the Support stuff in-game and on forums, taking care of reports, helping to spot hackers and everything else required me to do as a Game Master.
Actually, I still contribute the server because I manage the Advertiser Team and I would also want to point out that I will stay Head Advertiser even if I will make it to Trial Staff or Game Master – I have no interest in higher ranks, items or whatever only. My only interest is to help the server & community with everything needed and anything required/expected me to do as a GM.

How I wish to help: I will serve the community as best as I can and answer their questions/doubts as fast as possible without making them wait a lot, taking care of the /report system in-game (requires me to be consistent constantly and caring and I'll actualize this), being active in-game & on forums as much as I am able in order to help and support players at all, hosting events on a daily basis and etc.
My activity: On forums I am online for like 5-8 hours a day, in-game I am online for like 3-6 hours a day. Except for Thursday(s) - I am usually busy on that day. However, I will still be active on forums & in-game as much as I can.

Why do I deserve a chance: I deserve a chance because I have a lot of experience from other servers where I have been staff before.
I believe that I can really be useful and influential as a GM. I would also help to increase the player count in-game, make the forums more active by hosting forum events and assist at hosting tournaments once a while. I will also cause the new official Discord Server of UGG to be more active by adding and doing some special stuff. All of the things I strive to do are in order to let all the players in the community enjoy the game and in order to improve the fun of Universe GunZ.

Who would vote for you & why: The staff members who I think that would vote for me are:
@Michou – We work together in the Staff Team for a while and I'm sure he knows my abilities, goals and how responsible I am for the staff role. He always supports me in everything I need help with and I always learn new things from him. Honestly, I couldn't see myself staying in the Staff Team for that long period without his support and help.
@Angry – First of all, we met 2-3 years ago in another server and since then he's one of my best friends in this game and outside the game. We always support each other in everything which is related to the game, real life stuff and etc. In addition, I improved my attitude and behavior mostly thanks to him.
@Uxie – We know each other since my first weeks as a regular player in the UGG community.
He is a good friend of me, we always help each other with everything related to the game. I also help him with hosting events (such as: Hide & Seek and etc..) and we have lots of fun together.

~ Thank you everyone for reading my application, I hope you will give me a chance to prove myself as a Game Master and I also wish good luck to all the other candidates!
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