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Event Box Explained. - Kllaus - 07-06-2016

Hello Everyone. 

Some players asked me about the "bug" about the event box. After buying it your item will not be in the inventory. So, i decided to help you guys on how to get the item.
  •  First of all, make sure to have 3000000 bounty in-game. Buy the Event Box.
[Image: FnwMKjn.jpg]
  • After the item was bought the event box, you will recieve the following message.
  • Example :
         You have received a "Event Elite Shotgun"

[Image: vvtyhEu.jpg]

After you open the Event Box, you will notice that the item is NOT in your inventory. So what to do? Simple, log out from your account and login again, the item will be there in your inventory.

***Remember that the items come temporary or permanent.

~~ Kllaus.

RE: Event Box Explained. - Shon - 07-06-2016

Nice one man,good enough for new members.

RE: Event Box Explained. - Helios - 07-06-2016

This is really nice, Good work Kllaus Smile

RE: Event Box Explained. - Rezia - 07-06-2016

Nice good job

RE: Event Box Explained. - Fenn - 07-06-2016

Very well, good Job.

RE: Event Box Explained. - Reward - 07-06-2016

Boa Kllaus ^^

RE: Event Box Explained. - lgwenlnwel - 07-06-2016

Me i have the Event Hydra, but i shop it on the Event Box :v
This is really strange but... ( i mean to the Event Hydra )
Nice Job Kllaus, congratulations for it. :3


RE: Event Box Explained. - Kllaus - 07-07-2016

Thank you guys. Smile

RE: Event Box Explained. - TJJ - 07-07-2016

boa best gm

RE: Event Box Explained. - God-Banana - 07-07-2016