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Hosting Gladiator Training - scuba356 - 01-10-2020

Hey guys, hosting a gladiator training session aimed at beginner and intermediate players 1 hour and 10 mins from this post.

Private Room Gladiator, PM KingScuba for password.

Planning on covering the following, and more. Willing to answer questions (But only in english, can't speak spanish, sorry ^^Wink

Basics : Theory of "Stalker Style" and "Counter Style", Phase, Angle, Mirror, Sword Shape/Slash Effect mechanics, Block Rush, Wormfly, Ground Slash, Momentum Control, Delayed Slashes

Intermediate : Effective Patterns, 1 Step Theory, Effective Phase/Angle setups, Sacrificial Slashes, Effective Delay Slash, Dash Control, Counter Style/Stalker Tips, Ground to Air movement Transitions.

RE: Hosting Gladiator Training - Tom - 01-11-2020

Such a good man.
You deserve +1 reputation! Here you go Smile