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help - Baxter - 01-30-2020

I need to change my account email to another email, please help me ...
Id: myster

RE: help - zTsuchihashi - 01-30-2020

Hola querido jugador, estoy transmitiendo tu tema a los superiores, analizarán tu solicitud y hablarán si necesitas más información, mi respuesta no es una certeza de que lo obtendrás, ya que el intercambio de ofertas de correo electrónico con Es un asunto confidencial. Sea paciente hasta que respondan a su tema.

@Angry @Farhat

RE: help - Farhat - 01-31-2020

Only @Pls is able to change your account email.

RE: help - Angry - 01-31-2020

Email changes cost 40 euros. I also replied to you on Skype.
If you decide to donate you can post the Donation Information here: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
Be sure to include your User ID, Characters, Old Email and New Email.
Once we confirm we have received the donation, we can change your email.

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