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Why Inos so mad? - queenluna - 04-22-2021

Why is inos so mad?


oh I see, he just lashes out at everyone, that poor man child.

RE: Why Inos so mad? - Diamond SavV - 04-22-2021

you keep saying we 1v1'd...we never officially 1v1'd. but grats on getting 3-6 in a deserted tdm when i'm barely trying and you have 2 snipers your mom bought you

for the record, this tdm is what prompted luna to make this thread

[Image: Inos-20210421-233458.jpg]

couldnt beat me with sgs so he got his snipers and still struggled vs me and ken. what a noob

RE: Why Inos so mad? - RealKenn - 04-22-2021

OMG >>>> Trump vs Biden Big Grin 

RE: Why Inos so mad? - Deod1 - 04-26-2021

inos usually trolls
hes funny

RE: Why Inos so mad? - Eun - 04-27-2021

both geys

RE: Why Inos so mad? - Phanification - 06-07-2021

good job chris

RE: Why Inos so mad? - diego055 - 06-09-2021

(04-22-2021, 12:49 PM)RealKenn Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.OMG >>>> Trump vs Biden Big Grin