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Good bye fellas :)
Well everything comes to it's own end and here i am today posting this topic here because i am leaving the community and i will be posting the real reasons why i've resigned from my position as developer so please read it carefully.

It's really hard to quit a wonderful community like that and it's known as one of the major servers and it has really nice players and some cool staff members but everything comes to it's end and Pls wanted it to end like that Smile

When i joined the staff team i helped Pls to fix some items in the server and from that time he gave me position as System developer and i started to work on some xml files and making items and stuff like that but you know i don't want to say it as insult or something and i don't even mean this as insult but after i done the jobs Pls started to ignore me on skype and started to act arrogant and actually i am a guy that love to work in games and servers especially when i am helping and my purpose when i joined was to help but after i helped everything flipped on me, some staff members started to act weird and Pls started to ignore me so all his purpose was to make me quit the team and he did it, but the problem is he doesn't know that some of his staff members work in another servers under different names but for some reasons i won't be stating who are they so i don't end their further here and i won't be stating who are they because i don't want to help Pls anymore cause he doesn't deserve my help.

When i wanted to join the team i thought it will be a real team really want a better community and cool server but somehow it was half team with a team name :Smile and a community based on a team that have a lot of staff members in and only two or three of them are real staff members will fall down now or after a year, it will fall down toward the point it started from and when it happens then Pls will ask his self What happened? where is my team?...

So yeah thank you all for giving me great memories here you guys are really cool, all of you :Smile it's actually hard on me to leave but it's necessary to do.

To my friends :-
Steven, you are great friend and you helped me a lot in here and gave me a lot of experience about somethings i didn't even knew.
Farhat, you are great manager and if the community would success someday it will be because of you.
Lucas, it was fun to be part of your cool events Wink
Helios, great FM and great friend of mine and he will always be my friend.
Shon, cool guy and cool friend too and funny Smile
Haikou, amazing GM and go and make your way toward Head-staff bro!

Pls, i didn't expect that turns from you even tho i didn't want it to happen but sadly you wanted that to happen and everything were planned even before i become staff members because i am Forsaken friend and i am his student and he left you and i've done the same.

P.S Sorry if i forget some of you guys, love you all.

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Thanks given by: Haikou
You were a friendly staff member,you did more than your job. You helped people,you were friendly and lovely to everyone.
It's sad to see you leaving the community,you've made alot of amazing items and stuff,you've fixed alot of bugs.
You're a great man,I hope we will keep contact even the problems with Pls and the staff team.
You're awesome man,you're a good friend of mine and I appreciate everything you did for me.
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have a good time the rest of your life Smile
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Goodbye Sad
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                                                                                 --> I am going to kill you okay <--
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Cya, good luck.
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Mipha aka Dvx

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Goodbye friend, good luck! ;'(
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Later bro, good luck Smile

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I'm sorry you go that way, good luck friend
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Damn. Thank you for these words.
Good luck in your way. <3
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