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Grenades/Granadas Rework
TL;DR: Fire/Grenades -> Extra slot, You are no longer able to use at Special Items, Damage Increased, Magazine Reduced.

Olá Comunidade do UGG
Aqui nós trazemos-lhe a atualização mais recente sobre a qual temos trabalhado.
- Um novo espaço adicionado somente para o tipo granadas Fire / Canox.
- Não é possível usar granadas Fire / Canox em "Itens especiais".
- O dano das granadas foi aumentado em x2 e o respectivo cartucho foi reduzido.
Adicionando isso deixa você com os 2 Itens especiais como sempre, mais um espaço extra para tipo granadas Fire / Canox.


Hello UGG community
Here is the most recent update we have been working on.
- A special slot has been added for Fire/Canox grenades only.
- You are no longer able to use Fire/Canox grenades at the "Special Items" slot.
- Grenade damage has been increased x2 and the magazine has been reduced.
Players will be able to use 2 special items with a Fire/Canox grenades.


Hola comunidad de UGG
Aca les traemos la actualizacion mas reciente en la que hemos trabajado.
- Se ha agregado un espacio unicamente para granadas tipo Fire/Canox.
- Ya no es posible utilizar Fire/Canox granadas en "Items Especiales".
- El daño de las granadas ha sido aumentado x2 y su cartucho ha sido reducido.
Agregando esto ahora te deja tener 2 Items Especiales como siempre mas uno extra para granadas tipo Fire/Canox.

Bounty Grenade Example:
Level: 99
Weight: 5
Magazine: 2
Damage: 250
Delay: 1300

Here are some images of how it looks in-game with the extra slot available:
[Image: ZBif53C.png]
[Image: rLKZshK.png]

Coming soon.
Need Help?
Add me at discord PlsUniverseGunZ#6030
I possibly take a long time to answer but I always try to answer everyone and help.
Thanks given by: Helios , Bloodia , Hope , Marionette , Krustty , GUTTO , CristoferRJ , Sexy , Optic , Aeisis , Proxy
Looking forward to it.
Thanks given by:
Thanks for sharing with us.
Now I can play as a real bomberman and heal me at the same time lol
[Image: KJF83LX.jpg]
Thanks given by: Helios , Cursor
Koreans gonna enjoy it now lmao haha insane
Talent hits a target no one can hit, Genius hits a target no one can see ~
꼭두각시 ~

[Image: 1RHfCOI.gif]
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This is what we needed to safe rhe game !!! Granade update gonna make gunz great again
 [Image: FE5EAD780C8402D62F62F995A1CADBBC008A2F55]
Thanks given by: Marionette , Pls
woah, this will make me play gunz again.
Thanks given by: Pls
Thank you for sharing it with us mr marcos.
[Image: Yu3DyPR.gif]
Old WakeBR
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Obrigado, isso e deluxe.
[Image: z5cgxBx.gif]
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[Image: CaringEnlightenedCanvasback.webp]
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thank you for sharing!
[Image: GAZEL_FINAL.jpg]
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