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Unique Event idea (real rewards)
Today i am here with an unique Event idea.


What if you could earn Limited donater items by playing events ingame ? 
I got the solution for this, since the events we hosting now ingame are useless and boring. The only thing you can win are event coins everyone who plays these events already have like 1000 event coins and all the items and no real reward for playing this. 

So i came up with a lottery, how does it work ? It works like this :  Basicly me and 2 other people will host 3 events per week when you win a round in these events you have 2 options to choose from either use your point in that event to get the regular rewards as in 1 point equals 10 event coins, but what if you could trade in your point for a raffle ticket. What does this mean ? That whenever you win a Round in these special events you get 1 Raffle ticket per the amount of round you have won, so if you win 2 round you will get 2 raffle tickets this means you get ticket #1 and ticket #6 (just as a sample) so at the end of the month you will have thread were all the winners are and wich tickets numbers they won in the events. After that we go to You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. and then we will fill in the amount of tickets we have and if your number gets picked you will win the prize.

What is the Prize ? (Bare in mind these items will stay for 2 months and then automaticly will be deleted). The prize is a advertiser donater pack. these are the items you will get from it :  
[Image: 8d8fed27af997ac68e6c26822facea7a.png]
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When will the drawing be taken place every last day of the month, the drawing will be live recorded and uploaded to the offical Event thread.

And last but not least you need to confirm your account once in the Event thread so we know its really you who has won the point in the ingame event, so we need to tell them ingame before the event start that they need to reply after the event so we can confirm it and if necessary, the hosters will help them with this after the event.

If you comment without winnning a round and claiming to be someone else you will be blacklisted for the next month.
Keep in mind when you win 1 month you need to wait untill your items run out to join again (ofcourse you can play the events but you wont be added to raffle)

I hope you guys would like this kind of events more often because its unique and worth doing for the poor and young people under us.


E se você pudesse receber itens de doação temporários por jogar eventos?

Tenho a solução para isso, já que os eventos que jogamos no jogo agora são chatos e sem grande serventia. A unica coisa que você pode ganhar são moedas de eventos, todos que jogam esses eventos já têm 1000 moedas de eventos , todos os itens e, portanto, nenhum prêmios real por jogar os eventos.

Então, venho com uma nova ideia, uma espécie de loteria. Como funcionaria: Basicamente, eu e 2 outras pessoas vamos hospedar 3 eventos especiais por semana, quando você ganha uma rodada nestes eventos você poderá transformar este ponto no prêmio regular de 10ec, mas que tal transforma-lo em um "bilhete". O que isso significa? Significa que sempre que você ganhar um Round nesses eventos especiais, você ganha um Bilhete, então se você ganhar 2 rounds você ganha  2 bilhetes (por exemplo, bilhete #2 e #6). No final do mês haverá um tópico com todos os vencedores e quais tickets eles ganharam. Depois usaremos o You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.  e preencheremos com os numeros de tickets que nós temos, se seu numero for sorteado, você ganha o prêmio.

Qual é o prêmio? O prêmio é um pacote de doação (tenha em mente que esses itens permanecem por 2 meses e depois serão automaticamente deletados). Esses são os itens que você receberá disso: 
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Quando o sorteio for retirado no ultimo dia de cada mês, será gravado ao vivo e postado no tópico oficial do evento.

Por fim, mas não menos importante, você deverá confirmar sua conta no tópico do evento, assim saberemos que é realmente você que ganhou o ponto no jogo. Sendo assim, antes do evento começar, deveremos avisar os jogadores que eles precisam postar no fórum, e se necessário, o game master ajudará os jogadores com isso após o evento.

Se você comentar sem ganhar um round, alegando ser alguém, você será enviado para lista negra, ficando inapto a receber prêmios até o próximo mês.

Tenha em mente que quando você ganhar um mês, terá que aguardar até seus itens acabarem para participar novamente (você poderá jogar os eventos, mas não será adicionado ao sorteio).

Special thanks to @YatenN and @Michou for helping me with this.
PS: I will be hiring atleast 1 more GM to help with this event, feel free to PM me if your interested.
 [Image: FE5EAD780C8402D62F62F995A1CADBBC008A2F55]
Thanks given by: YatenN , Infused , Cursor , Rhuan , Lord , Reward , Krustty , Scarecrow , Eudora , noobvice , Goshawk
Liked it  Big Grin
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Discord: Infused#6195
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Very Cool (:
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Lars will be hiring one more gm but only a normal player himself lol Edit: Great idea tho honestly the events are pointless great way to make events more interesting and have a purpose
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If you're not getting GM after this I'll give up on this server srsly
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 old times.....
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(06-19-2018, 03:53 PM)Reward Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.If you're not getting GM after this I'll give up on this server srsly

LOL true

lars, if you dont get it, i quit
                                     [Image: 5siqQ73.gif]
Haters gonna hate
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@Lars Without you our server is doomed.

By the way it’s a cool idea, thanks for sharing.
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Your welcome
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Ahhmmmm I hope this is not a Prank @Lars haha
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~Aliens Rule The Galaxy~
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