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UGG Summer Tournament
Hello, I'm here to announce the upcoming UGG Summer Tournament hosted by Me.
This will be a 4v4 Tournament, 24 Clans will be able to Sign up.
The Tournament will begin on the 23rd of July, all rounds will be played on weekends only
giving the players the highest chance of being able to participate.

This Thread is purely for Sign Up's.
Posts having nothing to do with signing up a clan will be deleted.
So please juse reply using the Sign Up Format below.

[Image: YeKI8Ic.png]
Game Details

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch
-10 Rounds til the Final  / Finals will be a BO3 (Best of 3) each round in the final will be 20 rounds.
-First clan to win 6 Rounds will qualify for the next Round. Finals there will be 20 rounds so 11 have to be won.
-However if it happens to be a tie/draw (5-5 / 10-10) there will be an extra round that determines the winner.

Sign Up Format

Clan Name:
Team Captain:
Player 1:
Player 2:
Player 3:


-Donator or Event Items are NOT allowed. This is basically for making it able for players to participate who aren't able to donate / have no event coins to spend.
-Each Team will have to include 1 Player using Revolvers, it's a must to have 1 Player playing with Revolvers.
-Any form of Hack (this includes UCing) won't be tolerated, you and your team will be responsible to have legit players on your team. If that's not the case you will be disqualified.
-The Maps will be decided by me before hand, to give you time to practice in these maps, possibly making it more interesting.
-Egoing/Harassing other Players/Teams isn't allowed. If it occurs more than 2 times it will result in a disqualification.
-Any form of Spike/Force Lag/Force Spike, if not fixable will also result in a disqualification.
-You may only play for 1 Clan, playing for multiple Clans will result in you getting disqualified.
-Since it's a Tournament with 24 Clans being able to sign up, Substitue Players, won't be allowed.
-If a player disconnects for whatever reason, the game will be paused for 5 Minutes. If he isn't able to come back the game will go on as a 4v3 he may join back once he manages to get back online.
-Staff Team Members aren't allowed to participate in the Tournament.
-Sharing your account/letting someone else playing for you isn't allowed and will result in being disqualified.

Item List

Swords: High-Class Sword, Devil Slayer, Golden Dragon Sword
Shotguns: Pioneer and Breaker 8
Meds: Lvl 50 HP/AP Bounty Meds
Revolvers: Dynax 800c x2 (lvl 54 Revolvers)
Rings: Weight Ring x2
Max Possible HP/AP: 127/101


1st Place
50$ going to the Team Captain he may split up the money if he wishes to.
1000 Coins and Gold Member Status for each Member.

2nd Place
800 Coins for each member.

3rd Place
500 Coins for each member.


All of the Tournament Rounds are planned to be streamed live.

Stream 1: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
Stream 2: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. 

Since alot of people do not seem to read clearly what I said on the top I'll say it here again.
This Thread is for Sign Up's only. Every other Reply/Post that has nothing to do with Signing Up a clan will be deleted.
If you have questions or anything else feel free to PM me or make a Thread.
Thank you
Clan Name: lnsec
Team Captain: Bananned
Player 1: JoNyJoNy
Player 2: [QQ]Xandin
Player 3: Tetsuya
Clan Name: Callum
Team Captain: Vitin
Player 1: Warpin
Player 2: Crius
Player 3: kynh

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
Thanks given by: Scythez , neit0r , Marujo , Xyro , NeroAngelo , Myster
Clan Name: Injury
Team Captain: Saint
Player 1: Ravenhunt
Player 2: Mercy
Player 3: Concentrate
Thanks given by: Scythez , Marujo , NeroAngelo
Clan Name: Down
Team Captain:IndianKing
Player 1: KillBabe

Player 2: Zenus
Player 3: Extravenger
Thanks given by: NeroAngelo
Nombre del clan: Mercury
Capitán del equipo: DPS
Jugador 1: Guidenice
Jugador 2: Reservado
Jugador 3: Reservado
Thanks given by:
Clan Name: TheCrew
Team Captain:Rawpower
Player 1: Dictionary
Player 2: Uncommonrose
Player 3: MagiNaguri
Thanks given by: Scythez
Clan Name: Heros
Team Captain: baroneT
Player 1: Essentials
Player 2: Lamia
Player 3: BruceWeed

Post for friend!

Thanks given by: Scythez , Hust , NeroAngelo , TJJ , reiREDMOSTER
Clan name: Bartui
Team Captain: Atreph
Player 1: Hyuna
Player 2: -Hakui
Player 3: KingMay
Thanks given by: Hust , NeroAngelo
Clan Name: MestreSplinter
Team Captain: RatoCai0
Player 1: Yamah
Player 2: Qix
Player 3: TrovaoVeloz
Thanks given by:

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