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New Clan War Rewards/Prizes 2019
Great update! Thanks!
[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: giphy.gif]
Thanks given by: ChronoKnight
Nice Rewards Pls! owo
Now it is not necessary to play with alternative accounts v:
Thanks given by: ChronoKnight
- Essa premiação ta no precinho markinhos @Pls , até rank 10 dando 100 coins vai, incentivar os player a jogar a cwzinha marota.

                                                                [Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: F0C8Igq.png]

[Image: boltz2.gif]
Thanks given by: ChronoKnight
Thanks given by: ChronoKnight
I like this update thanks. Smart one.
[Image: 6e9cfade7068ce0a8adb1095a1c96efa.png]
Thanks given by: ChronoKnight
Is seriously? we went from when they gave 120 coins before (BY 200 POINTS IN THE CLAN AND BY CHARACTER) and now rank 1> 70 coins for 250 points in the clan? when a new weapon costs 250 - 300 coins? Can you imagine all that a person who plays in a rank 10 clan must save? so as to be able to get to collect about 250 coins to buy a Cruelizon? Alien? Black alien? Shotgun DX etc? buy the lightsaber sword? everything makes it very difficult, from my point of view should go a little more rewards
[Image: 9hMU2Eb.jpg]

Thanks given by: ChronoKnight

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