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No action taken Recovery but account Banned (?)
Hello, i received a message saying that it wasn't possible to recover my old EuroGunz account because it was banned or already recovered  after clicking the link you sent to my email. 

I'm sure i didnt recover this already, but also i dont remember being banned from the old gunz, can you guys tell me if there is any reason asigned to that account and if it's just a bug, how should i proceed ?
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Good night friend, probably your problem has a solution I will ask the @Angry to take a look. wait in a few hours he will answer. 
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thank you, do i have to tell the account info here or you guys already have access to the info through the forum email ?
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they will ask for the necessary data. just wait now.
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Please, send your user id & character name.
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do i have to send by private message ? the character name i have no idea, but the account name i remember
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send here also your email
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[Image: 375fb0bc01.jpg]
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oh okay, i was trying to send by private:

these are the accounts : [email protected] login: gugaotqr

 and i would like to ask if its possible to recover this one aswel: [email protected], login: xleccocx 

both used to be my account but the seccond one ( [email protected] ) i dont have access to that email anymore, is it possible to still recover that one ? i'm sure i have a donation on one of those accounts, but i cant remember very clearly. i had 10 years old at that time.

the jvf from second email corresponds to my name's initial letters.
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If you want to unban you need to pay 50 euros, send a pvt msg to @Angry if you want it.
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even if you want unban you need to have access to email or donation history
make sure you have access if you are going to pay for unban
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