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No action taken G: LICENSE cant start game
When i try to start the game through the launcher i get an error saying  "cannot find file:///G://license.htm. Make sure the path of the internet address is correct"
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1 - Gunz Crash issue
Different kinds of programs/dll's might cause crash, so after asking for the mlog it's important to get the player's contact (Skype/Facebook/etc) to try all possibilities.

1.1 - Search and uninstall any of the following drivers/dll's:
* Audio Driver Nahimic
* PlaysTV / Raptr
* Razer Kraken and ManOWar drivers (0ManOWarDevProps.dll, 0Kraken71ChromaDevProps.dll, 0Kraken0502DevProps.dll)
* Sonic Studio 2 (installed on some ASUS machines) (SS2OSD.dll, SS2DevProps.dll)
* Steel Series headset drivers (SSAudioOSD.dll, SSAudioDevProps.dll)
* Alienware\AWSoundCenter\UserInterface\x64\AWSoundCenterDevProps.dll
* BitDefender AntiVirus
* Norton AntiVirus
1.2 - Nvd3d9wrap.dll file, found in Nvidia GPUs can also cause crashes.
Step 1: go to Device Manager > Display Adapters > Disable your Nvidia Graphic Card
Step 2: Locate the NVIDIA Corporation file, usually in Program Files
Step 3: In the file from Step 2 go to: coprocmanager and copy the Nvd3d9wrap.dll file, save it somewhere safe, and then delete it from the NVIDIA file (when you done playing or feel like you will need it, you can always put it back there). In order to Delete it, you will need to close all your running programs, or most of them, while trying to delete it, it will tell you which ones to close.
Step 4: Repeat step 1, just now enable back the graphic card.
1.2.1 - Information about the Nvd3d9wrap.dll functionality:
NVIDIA d3d9wrap dll, Version 306.97 exports functions that allow configuration of the desktop and its displays using the interfaces are exposed by this API. It provides the ability of Windows to control the display's functionality including the gamma, PowerMizer settings, and also to obtain display information such as multimonitor modes and a list of the displays that are connected to the system.
1.3 - As previously stated, several programs/dll's can cause crashes, some of them are probably not listed. Therefore, whenever possible try to go on teamviwer with the player and look for any kind of suspicious programs, like Anti-Virus or Gaming Softwares

2 - Gunz won't start

2.1 - If the user is playing on a Windows 10 system and the Mlog is only showing the graphics card info, you must to right-click on the UGGLauncher > Properties > Compatibility > Set it to Windows 8 > Restart the computer.
2.3 - Allow the UGG on the firewall and disable all anti-virus.
2.4 - Delete BitDefender or Norton Antivirus.
2.5 - Make sure the player has DirectX installed correctly.
2.6 - Clean the computer from malware.

Thanks Amber_Bot.
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try to paste this file You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. at ur UGG's directory and us know If it solves your problem
Thanks given by: Prangsta
Hello, please try what @Hatsune has suggested.
If not maybe try reinstalling the game?
Let us know!
Thank you!
[Image: giphy.gif]  [Image: giphy.gif]  
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Could you drop here the log of error, please then we can find out what the problem is..
[Image: rogzBB9.gif]
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i tried reinstalling and i tried what hatsune suggested but im not too sure if i did it right...
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Hello, @nbongo !
To add the license 
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. just download it, and drag the downloaded file into the gunzv10.1 folder and watch it apply.
This is my folder and what it should look like, 
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. 
As you can see it's the file that says 'LICENSE' with the circle blue greenish dot referring to my internet icon .
I've included mine also, you can try adding it and see what happens,
 You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.!
Also what internet search engine are you using to download the game?
Let me know if this helps, if not please reply back asap, so we can fix this matter!
Thank you!
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Hey @nbongo

Could you let us know if @Flamboyant 's methode works, please?
[Image: rogzBB9.gif]
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Hello, @nbongo !
Due to no response given in over a week of notice, we will assume that the problem is solved.
If ever you have more problems don't hesitate to post them in this section.
We will now close this thread.
Thank you!

/no action taken
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