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New New Sets and VIP Coat / Discount
Good morning guys, we added new items to the donate shop and lowered the prices for old items.

New Donate Items:

Donator Yin Set Female
Donator Hulijing Set Female
Donator VIP Coat Female
Donator VIP Coat Male

[Image: all1.gif]
Hulijing Set

Price: 500 coins

Yin Set

Price: 500 coins

VIP Coat
HP: 15
Max Weight:5

Price: 2000 coins (only VIP user)

Our webshop link: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.


As there are many old items in our shopping donate each time we add new items, the old items received a price adjustment.
Donator Ring | 60 -> 50
Donator Hydra Gold | 180 -> 150
Donator Anti-Hack Coat Female | 45 -> 30
Donator Anti-Hack Coat Male | 45 -> 30
Donator Blue Set Female | 150 -> 100
Donator Blue Set Male | 150 -> 100
Need Help?
Add me at discord PlsUniverseGunZ#6030
I possibly take a long time to answer but I always try to answer everyone and help.

YouTube : Proxy TV   You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

[Image: TFoXuSl.gif]
Thanks given by: GUTTO , [Proxy] , nonsense , Wolf , KORR , xkdlxks
id: brenobreno

já sendas
@EUB você é um lixo de pessoa.
Thanks given by: Reward
Gracias por ser preciso en item VIP solo para usuarios VIP
[[Image: NIRpzyc.png]
Thanks given by:
já pode jogar 500 coins na minha conta hein @Pls
[Image: EAAaD.png]
[Image: EAA9o.png]

 old times.....
Thanks given by: Hatsune , GUTTO
200 euros for a pink coat Smile
 [Image: FE5EAD780C8402D62F62F995A1CADBBC008A2F55]
Thanks given by:
VIP Coat                                    Spy Case     
2000                               Damage    
HP 15  

voce esta tentando fazer o que exatamente?
[Image: giphy.gif]


Discord: Infused#6195
Thanks given by:
Im missing gm jacket T.T
Thanks given by: GUTTO
200 euros for a virtual jacket. lmao.
Thanks given by: Reward
give me, thanks
[Image: z5cgxBx.gif]
Thanks given by: Hatsune

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