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reintv underclocker
[Image: TIKIFa2][Image: ln7s64F.jpg]
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omg I'm a huge fan of vaan and rein! no way they hack man!! i am no longer fans of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! banned!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Everybody needs to move on from UGG and get on with the program;

Its come to my realization that UGG isn't fit to even staff\administrate their server properly anymore.
Why are you protecting people that hack \ cheat on your server @Pls ?....

yes, I'm pissed off..
You want the .gzr replays, when I give you footage of him hacking on a LIVESTREAM pov? (you know damn well a .gzr replay is buggy as fck and never shows what a livestream would show)

[Image: f3ba3a3780b3bb2e9a92785735a7a1a1.png]

[Image: 26f37ae674f6c01c38e9cbae6c9e2142.png]

[Image: accf2ef624142dd934f6630dd9cb9657.png]

Why do you protect people that are cheating on UGG?
[Image: jGpGjLV.gif]
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hackers 2019
[Image: G0chSzj.gif]
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