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Solved URgent / lost my ID
Hello ,

UserID: I dont remember ( that's the problem )
Email adress : the same as the email on the forum .
What's the issue you have been facing: I tried to login to my account but i only have my email adress.
What have you tried to solve the issue: I tried to Register once with my email adress, but it says that my email is already in use.

Thank you for your answers
Old player from Eugunz.
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Can you tell me the name of 2 characters?
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I only remember that i have character named AZNViiet( the oldest one) and Fuqqable as the last one
Old player from Eugunz.
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When was the last time you logged in? Don't you remember any characters anymore?
There is no way to search for accounts using email and none of the characters mentioned were found.
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I dont really remember but it's been like 4 or 5 years ago.
That's only both i remember because i played with them very much ;

There is no way to find it? seems really sad to know that.
Old player from Eugunz.
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Unfortunately, if you do not remember anything about the account, we will not be able to help you as we need information
None of the characters mentioned exist.
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The only thing i know is my email and the First character i created name AZNViiet ; i was in Rykketard Clan , an italian clan with my second character on it

Is there a way for you to send an automatic message to my mail account? I'm able to answer it for sure and screen it if you need to get a proove that i'm the owner;
Old player from Eugunz.
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Not possible, this is a new server with a new database since April 2016. With all the information you provided I couldn't find anything.
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Ok So I am unable to register from my email because it says that my email is already in use.

Oh Finally i found my ID account ! 
But since you said that you launched a new database , all the weapons i bought before were expired? can you tell me Why ? 
in my storage i only have 3 items .
Old player from Eugunz.
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Items cannot be expired if you bought, unless they have been temporary.
They were probably temporary items that the owner gives at the end of the year.
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