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Sparks Effect Disable Option! Suggestion please.
Hi ,
Suggestion for A Video Option ;
Sparks Effect,  Disable Bullets Sparks/Fireworks
When I shoot I see a lot of Fireworks/sparks near the bullet holes even with High/Normal Effect Quality Option.
In the Earlier Version of the game there was a Clean Real Effect Quality Option so I could see the bullets Clear and well.

 Please @Pls or someone add some Option to make it happen , Thx for reading <3
I am dying for this to happen guys,
 Adding SS"s/

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Those sparkles are removable in the video options section, it's already implemented in the game.
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They are not, checked many times not only by me .
Don't you see the fireworks comes out the bullets????
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just set effects 3
[Image: YWFTAGv.jpeg]
[Image: gwLZSnK.jpeg]

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I want to see the bullets clearly .just without sparks/fireworks ,please read better
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Virou pastelaria agora ?
[Image: u6vNbcg.jpg]
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English man?... Sleepy
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